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Teaching English


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Teaching English has up-to-date, helpful English resources.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Teaching English provides a range of materials for teachers. These include activities and full lesson plans. The website also has articles on teaching to support teachers developing their own classroom practice.

A-Z List

There is an A to Z list of teaching resources with an option to search these by popularity or how recently they were added to the website. The activities include speaking, listening, working in role as well as individual tasks, such as writing.  

Teaching Tips

The teaching tips section provides videos that show teachers engaged in practices within their classroom and discussing this. This is a good way of engaging in continued professional development in any spare time! A further benefit of the site is the ability to post comments and view those of others to create a learning dialogue between professionals.

Detailed Content

Teachers can also find more detailed content for developing their practice through online seminars or accessing news or books to keep themselves up-to-date.

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