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Site for both Primary and Secondary School revision as it provides quizzes for multiple subjects.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This is a fantastic website offering online interactive quizzes covering a range of topics featuring in examination board specifications at GCSE level.

Topics at Secondary Level

Secondary teachers will find that topics such as Marriage and the Family, Peace and Conflict and Matters of Life and Death are covered. A particularly useful aspect of the website is that each of the quizzes is linked to specific examination board specifications so KS4 teachers can quickly identify those of relevance to them and their pupils.


It is recommended that secondary teachers take the time to have a look at the range of quizzes as some of these may be relevant despite differences in exam boards used.

The quizzes take the form of the ‘Blockbusters’ TV show where two teams compete in order to get across the board first. It makes this educational resource a fun and interactive way of revising a topic within the classroom. Furthermore, KS4 teachers could use it to facilitate small group revision of an RE topic if ICT facilities were available.

Online Games

The online games provided here are an excellent timesaver for teachers who would need to invest a lot of precious time in order to produce a comprehensive resource such as this. 


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