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A Maths site that covers KS4 topics which is useful for teaching and revision.

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This website is an excellent source of revision materials for pupils in Key Stage 4 who will be studying for GCSE qualifications in Mathematics. A series of ‘how to’ guides are available. These give the theory behind an aspect of mathematics and these are then complemented by support files that can be downloaded to help put the theory into practice. 


The guides cover a plethora of mathematical areas. This includes finding the gradient of lines and trigonometry with the latter examining Pythagoras’ Theorem and calculations based on properties of triangles. Money is covered with a focus on solving problems related to selling price and discounts. Simple interest problems are also included. Fractions, coordinates and calculating area and surface area using formulae guides are available as are materials on different aspects of algebra.

Pupils may find this website useful when revising in school or valuable as a source of information and support at home.


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