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A Science site for Primary School teachers helping them to use areas outside the classroom as a useful place.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Growing Schools is a website that has been designed to support teachers in using the outdoors as a classroom. The resource section contains activities about animals, people and plants that can be used to support teaching and learning in relation to farm visits. Activities on animal camouflage and animal care are also available.

Getting Involved In Growing and Keeping

The website provides a resource for teachers who are considering getting involved in growing plants or keeping animals within the school grounds. The resource is quite comprehensive in terms of the ideas and guides to planting and growing in the school grounds. These materials could be used to inspire and guide teachers in finding ways of growing plants or vegetables. 

Curriculum for Science

As part of the National Curriculum programme of study for Science, children are taught about life processes and living things. Activities and provision beyond the classroom can support children in learning about the needs of plants, names of features of plants and how seeds grow into plants.


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