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Teach PE


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KS3, KS4

Can be used for Secondary School PE and Science classes as it has resources and quizzes to help teach and revise.

Learning and Teaching Resources

‘Teach PE’ provide a range of free resources for teachers and sports coaches at Key Stage 3 as well as Key Stage 4.


There are interactive quizzes on muscles, the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. This can help pupils to review their knowledge and understanding of how their body works and consider the impact of exercise and engaging in an active, healthy lifestyle on well-being. There is a section that focuses on diet and metabolism. This is a good resource for considering the importance of nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight.


‘Teach PE’ also provides information and activities related to training, use of leadership skills and different types of fitness along with how these are tested.

Supporting Teaching and Learning

A benefit of this website is that it supports teaching and learning about the theoretical and factual aspects of PE in terms of the human body, how it works and can be taken good care of through physical activity.


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