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An ICT site provides a selection of general and topic-specific posters for Secondary School Classroom displays about ICT.

Teach ICT offers secondary teachers a host of resources that can be used to create classroom displays. These display ideas should help to reduce the time it takes to design materials. All of the posters are A4 and it is suggested that they are printed onto photographic paper using a high quality laser printer so they look professional. There are a range of areas covered by the display ideas on this website.


General ICT Posters

These include ideas for displays related to food and drink in an ICT suite, classroom rules, the use of the interactive whiteboard as well as reminders about audience and purpose when producing work to be shared. There is also a useful display idea that can be used to encourage pupils not to rely on spell check when proofreading their work! Secondary ICT teachers are also offered posters about copyright, keyboard shortcuts as well as editing and formatting techniques. There is quite an extensive collection of display posters related to general themes that KS3 and KS4 teachers may find highly useful.


Topic-Specific Posters for ICT Classrooms at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

In addition to general displays, ICT teachers in secondary schools will also find display posters and materials on GCSE and KS3 topics.

For GCSE, A4 ICT poster sets are available on parts of a computer, input and output devices, networks as well as a range of software. There are also posters that relate to the ethical aspects of ICT and issues of safety and security.

 KS3 ICT topics covered are databases, computer control and spreadsheets.

In addition to these, materials for vocabulary walls can be accessed, resources on famous computing people and posters on computer security in specific.

This website could prove to be a timesaver if classroom displays need to be developed! 


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