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An ICT site that has a tool to create word clouds that can be used in a variety of subjects from Tagxedo.

Generate Word Clouds from Text with Tagxedo

Tagxedo changes text- any text you wish- into a word cloud. This visually represents words according to their frequency in a body of text in terms of their size. There are options for changing the shape of the word cloud, orientation, font and theme.

This website could be used to create designs as part of Design Technology or Art and Design. It allows an excellent opportunity for cross-curricular applications of ICT.

Teachers will find a guide including 101 ways to use Tagxedo. For example, it can be used as a means of summarising a presentation. Similar documents can be compared in order to identify the key vocabulary that they share. It has the potential to be used to create abstract film reviews and identify key issues associated with current events.

Other Ideas for Using Tagxedo

Gifts can be made from the word clouds created. There is scope for creating word clouds showing appreciation of others that teachers may find useful in PSHE or SEAL sessions. On the PSHE and Citizenship theme, key figures in the media and text surrounding them can be used to create word clouds that give insight into who they are and what they are about. There is even the potential to create self-portraits from text put into the website!

PowerPoint presentations can be enhanced by the visual images created by the website and banners created.

Vocabulary expansion is one great way in which this website can be used. This is of particular use in English.

It is clear that there is a great amount of potential offered by this website and no doubt it will inspire teachers at primary and secondary levels of education to incorporate ICT into different areas of the curriculum or use the products of ICT as an aid to teaching and learning.


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