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Surrey University explains and shows KS4 Maths students about Interest – Money and Payments.

Learning and Teaching Resources

At Key Stage 4, pupils develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through a number of real-world situations that enable them to apply this. These situations may relate to aspects of mathematics used in areas of employment or those encountered in daily life.

Section on Interest

This website provides a section on interest as the charge for borrowing money and the algebraic formula used to calculate simple interest. Pupils can use an application on the website in order to see how simple interest accumulates over time. The website also provides a similar approach to learning about compound interest. There are also sections on repayments of sums of money.

Learning and Supporting Pupils

This is not only a resource that is useful for pupils in learning about the use of mathematical ideas, principles and formulae in terms of money, but can also support pupils in becoming more aware of what they need to consider when they are managing their own finances as young adults.


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