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Online bank of artefacts from different Religions with descriptions and images.

As teachers know, all religions have scared and special artefacts that form part of practice in different faiths. It is not always possible to get hold of original significant religious artefacts. This is where this website becomes particularly useful as a KS2 resource for RE. It recognises the important role that religious artefacts play in stimulating children’s interests and provides a bank of teaching materials for KS2 RE related to these.
A selection of religious artefacts have been photographed for use in the classroom. These cover faiths such as Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam as well as Sikhism. Teachers can download these images of religious artefacts to create A4 resource cards for use in teaching or RE classroom display. The artefact images can also be downloaded for use in PowerPoint presentations or uploaded into more specific interactive whiteboard software. They are also a great resource for producing stimulating worksheets or activities.
Another great feature of the website is that religious artefact images in PDF format can be downloaded, which means teachers can also save time in not having to manipulate digital images to create posters if they so wish. Each artefact has a link to information about the item providing an excellent, and accessible, source of RE subject knowledge for teachers.
An alphabetic list of significant religious artefacts can be accessed, which provides another way of searching for images relevant to units of work being taught.
This website also provides a bank of drawings related to different world faiths. These can be downloaded in PDF or as JPEG images for use in the classroom. This is a quick and easy way of finding and creating KS2 RE resources to support teaching and learning. They have multiple uses and can also be relevant to some topics in Key Stage 1 Religious Education.
For Religious Education Coordinators, it is a great website to recommend to colleagues who need access to teaching resources for RE and materials that can be used in presentations, creating interesting activity sheets, classroom displays and so on.

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