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Online art gallery featuring some famous and well-known artists.

Learning and Teaching Resources

These bright and colourful resources are produced by Starfall - An easy to use Art and Design KS1 & KS2 website with primary resources that allows children to explore different portraits by various famous artists and encourage basic reading at the same time.

The resources are mainly for KS1 or KS2 Art & Design students, although they can be adapted and used with Special Educational Needs students and older students too.

The resources can be used on a whiteboard, however there are instruction on what to do if not using a whiteboard too.

Looking at Paintings & Links

By asking the children to look at Van Gogh’s "Starry Night" this could inspire children to paint what they have dreamed about, or Dorothy Strait’s "The Drummers" could link to a project about Cowboys and Indians.

There are 6 artists in total, including Marc Chagall and Paul Gauguin, who each have a different painting style.

There is also useful links to artist’s biographies should you wish to visit their history in more depth.


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