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Interactive Resources and Images for Geography KS2 from Sky and Sea.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Sea and Sky contains a range of engaging teaching resources appropriate to children in Key Stage 2. It covers learning about sea and ocean habitats and the Earth in space. This is probably more suited to Upper Key Stage 2 topics than Lower Key Stage 2. However, primary teachers may see potential in the curriculum resources offered according to the ability and interest of children in their class. This website offers resources that are cross-curricular, touching on the relationship between Geography and Science in many cases.

Educational Resources on the Sea

Primary teachers can access materials on various aspects of the sea and oceans. There are resources to support teaching and learning about creatures of the deep sea and life on the Coral Reef. There is also an Ocean Exploration Timeline that features dates and details. This covers the first ships, the location of the Titanic wreck and much more.

This website also offers information on aquarium keeping as a hobby.

Teaching Resources on the Sky

There are several curriculum resources available with a focus on the Earth in space. These cover the Solar System, Constellations and the Wonder of the Cosmos.

The resources on Constellations are particularly interesting as it is possible to browse each by name and when they are visible. Some background information is provided on where the name came from and what the constellation looks like. The website also offers resources on Astronomy. For example, a glossary of terms and frequently asked questions can be accessed.

It is worth taking a few minutes to browse the website and identify the potential it has for refreshing a current unit of work or even inspiring a new topic.


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