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Site for Primary School Science learning for it contains multiple resources about many different topics.

Classroom displays can be a time-consuming part of maintaining a positive and engaging learning environment for children at primary school level. Relevant images, key vocabulary and aspects of interactivity need to considered as well as how to include examples of children’s work to celebrate their learning and achievements.

This website offers a set of Science displays that are ready to download, print and add to displays in the classroom. These cover topics typically taught across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. KS1 and KS2 teachers who follow the QCA topics will find that the display resources for primary Science are provided in packs matching these. The website also offers a dual language sign for Science.

KS1 display materials cover topics, such as Light and Dark, Pushes and Pulls as well as Grouping and Changing Materials amongst others. For KS2 display, topics from ‘Teeth and Eating’ through to Earth, Sun and Moon can be found.

The display packs for Science include key vocabulary that children will hear, use and need to understand. These vocabulary cards are particularly good because they include a visual image to help children understand the meaning of the words being displayed. A teaching tip for these is to laminate them and attach them to the display so children can take these down for use or they can be placed on display to build a bank of words as the vocabulary is covered in lessons. There are display cards containing key questions that may get children thinking about key facts, information or prompt consideration of scientific enquiry.

 KS1 and KS2 teachers will find that these resources can be useful to get a display up and running when time is short! Science Coordinators may wish to point teachers towards these displays and use them as a core bank of display ideas for the primary classroom. 


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