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RS Revision has games and activities that covers Religious Studies GCSE topic.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website contains a range of materials to support the teaching and learning of Religious Studies for pupils in Key Stage 4 undertaking a GCSE in this subject.

There is a tool by which pupils can create a mind map of how Christian teachings can be used to give a perspective on Human Relationships, War and Peace, Wealth and Poverty as well as themes of Medical Ethics and Religion and Equality.

Games and Quizzes

A ‘Fling the Teacher’ game to revisit Christian perspectives. There are other interactive quizzes available to support revision of Wealth and Poverty and Peace and Justice. These are useful as the activities are short and interactive, which will support pupils when revisiting key points covered during their studies during a GCSE course.

Revision Notes

For pupils undertaking a GCSE Short Course in Religious Studies, there are pages that serve as revision notes. these cover the key points related to a theme and the smaller issues that constitute it. The Biblical perspective and key quotes are also highlighted. For some of the issues examined, differing perspectives are offered to help pupils remember that different points of view need to be considered when discussing or debating a topic.


For pupils undertaking a full course at GCSE, there are similar summary pages that can be useful in revising key themes and issues. These contain key facts, consideration of different perspectives as well as notable campaigns or organisations that have contributed to discussion and debate.

Pupils can use the online games to test their knowledge after revising using these pages.


 The website also has interesting information on films and the discussion points these could raise in the Religious Studies classroom. Teachers may find this provides inspiration in stimulating discussion in response to a different stimulus.

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