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KS3, KS4 has 52 lesson plans about music, how it has meaning and the part it plays in culture.

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At Key Stage 3, pupils learn that Music is a form of personal expression and an integral part of culture in the past and present. Music helps pupils to develop their cultural understanding. Pupils are expected to learn about musical traditions and the role of Music in national and personal identity. They also explore how certain experiences, emotions and ideas are conveyed in pieces of music from different times and places.

Lesson Plans

This website has a collection of lesson plans that can help support the delivery of the programme of study. The lessons seek to highlight how music reflects attitudes of people towards events and situations with a particular focus on this at times in the past and more recent past. There is a detailed outline of how the lesson develops and key questions to engage pupils in critical and evaluative thinking. Furthermore, useful background information is provided for teachers to support their delivery of content.


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