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Road Safety


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Road Safety contains resources to help with Road Safety week for Primary Schools.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The National Curriculum for PSHE highlights that children should be taught about road safety, keeping themselves safe and ways to do so. This website provides ideas for promoting safety when on, or near, roads. There is a bank of ideas that could be used when planning a Road Safety Week in school.

Introductory Guide

There is a link to an introductory guide for teaching about road safety and teaching tips. Lesson scripts can be found that accompany these. There are downloads for activities that can be used in lessons within the classroom. For example, posters on the A to Z of road safety, discussion slides for use on an interactive whiteboard and ideas for making traffic light biscuits.

Links to Games and Activities

The website also provides links to online games and activities. These could be completed within the classroom or give parents and carers a guide as to what they can do to support developing their children’s understanding of safety on the roads.


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