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This is an RE Revision site for GCSE students with plenty of resources.

Learning and Teaching Resource

This website is an excellent teaching resource, which is of particular relevance to teachers and pupils in Key Stage 4. However, some of the educational materials may be useful in supporting aspects of the KS3 curriculum.

Revision Notes

It offers several pages of GCSE revision notes across a range of topics typically found in examination board specifications which typically guide the teaching and learning of RE at Key Stage 4. KS4 teachers will find that the website offers the key information related to a specific topic, such as definition of terminology and concepts. This can provide a good learning resource that pupils can be directed to access in order to refresh their knowledge and understanding of key points within a topic. Several of the topics covered offer revision notes identifying key teachings from different faiths with a reminder of what these mean where necessary.

Topics and Key Points

The range of topics covered include Origins/Design of the Universe, the Existence of God, Prejudice and Discrimination and War and Peace to name a few.

The website offers an opportunity to revisit key points, but does not provide an overly comprehensive revision guide so pupils come to rely on it without referring back to teaching and learning experienced through their RE course during Key Stage 4. 


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