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A site to direct KS4 students to when talking about careers is this site as it provides resources for CV creation and much more.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The Key Stage 4 programme of study, Economic Well-being and Financial Capability, highlights that pupils need to understand the concept of ‘career’ as an individual’s pathway through education and into employment. Pupils are taught to understand the qualities, attitudes and skills needed for employability. It is hoped that they access information on local opportunities in learning and work. Pupils also look at data on employment nationally, in Europe and globally.

Developing a CV

This website enables pupils at Key Stage 4 to develop a CV. This could be a way of encouraging them to consider their aspirations, current skills and experience. For some pupils, it may offer them an opportunity to build the skills of producing an effective CV if their intention is to enter the world of work post-16. The CV Builder gives hints and tips to help pupils create a CV. It is also useful in introducing pupils to the use of the internet when looking for employment, knowing that there are agencies that can support them and CVs can be uploaded to increase their chances of gaining a position.


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