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Site for KS3 teachers that will help support them teaching their students about recycling.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Learning about waste and recycling links to different aspect of the curriculum. Children can be engaged in discussion and debate, which is supported by work in Literacy. There are opportunities for talking as a member of a group, justifying views and listening to those of others.

Oppertinities and Materials in Multiple Subjects

There are opportunities to consider weight and volume in Numeracy. Materials and their properties can be explored as part of Science in terms of those that can be recycled and those that can’t be recycled. In terms of PSHE and Citizenship, children can consider how recycling impacts on the environment and ways in which they can make a difference.

Downloadable Information

This website provides information on waste and suggests ways in which schools can reduce, reuse and recycle. There is material to introduce the idea of what waste is. Teachers will also find a bank of lesson plans and suggested activities that can  be downloaded and adapted as necessary.


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