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Assessment and Curricular Documents all on single sheets from Primary tools for Primary Schools.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Primary Tools is a useful website for teachers in primary schools as it offers a host of assessment and curricular documents condensed onto single sheets for ease of reference.

This website offers the following documents with criteria and information arranged onto a single sheet:

1.    Early Learning Goals as they exist within the new Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum that is due to be implemented in September 2012.

2.    Revised Teacher Standards that come into effect in September 2012.

3.    Assessing Pupil Progress Materials across Levels 1 to Level 5 in Maths, Writing, Reading and Science.

These resources present the information on a single sheet so that the sheer amount of paper they can take up is reduced! The great thing about these resources is that everything needed has been pulled together in a central document for ease of reference. There is no need to have to navigate through several pieces of paper- everything you need from the above is there and right in front of you!

Draft English Curriculum for Grammar and Punctuation

Teachers in KS1 and KS2 may find this presentation of the draft curriculum for English out for consultation accessible and offers a clear overview of what new national expectations may end up looking like. This is also a useful tool for Year 6 teachers from September 2012 as the National Curriculum tests will include a paper on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in May 2013 although these will not reflect the draft curriculum and actually focus on the current National Curriculum. It can offer insight into upcoming pitch and expectations.

Literacy Coordinators will also find the sheet useful when considering how current practice and the curriculum align to future expectations. This resource saves a lot of valuable time taken up by having to sift through information and produce a concise version that can be worked with for whatever purpose.

The website offers the opportunity to download the materials in colour or in black and white. A tip is to opt for the colour versions as these are easier to read in terms of the coding used than the shades found in the black and white versions.


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