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For Primary School learning, this site offers a lot of resources to help with English classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Teaching English covers so many areas. These include word-level work, such as phonics, sentence-level work as well as text-level work in fiction and non-fiction. Primary Resources is an excellent website for identifying resources to support teaching and learning in all these areas.

Worksheets and PowerPoints

A range of worksheets can be downloaded with many of these editable to support teachers in tailoring materials to the needs of the children in their classrooms. These cover phonics, the use of punctuation, developing sentence structure and resources related to different text-types from both fiction and non-fiction. Teachers will also find that the website offers PowerPoints and other interactive whiteboard files that can be downloaded for use in the classroom.

Targets and Assessments for Children

Materials for producing targets for children and self-assessment sheets are also available. These can really help to support teachers in developing assessment for learning in their classrooms by using or adapting resources on the website. 


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