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French translations for first names that can be used in Primary School MFL classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website provides teachers with a bank of French names that can be used in the classroom. Boys’ and girls’ names are both covered, with the most common one hundred French names for boys and girls available. Clicking on these allows the French pronunciation to be heard. The English or literal meanings of the names are also given.

English-French Names and Learning

This is a good resource for children to find the French equivalent of their name if it exists! It is also a good source for comparing the difference between French and English names. Children could consider the similarities and differences as part of developing their inter-cultural understanding, which is a strand of the curriculum in primary MFL. It could be a useful source of material in producing matching card activities on names.

Conventions of French Names

There is also information on the conventions of French names, which may be useful background to share with children when considering how to appropriately address people in French.


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