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Poisson Rouge


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Poisson Rouge is a fantastic, interactive site that engages KS1 pupils through games and movement.

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The activities and games on Poisson Rouge are attractively presented and will certainly appeal to young children as they are colourful and attention-grabbing. These include manipulating an onscreen mannequin, matching objects and arranging them. Some of the activities and games have a literacy- or numeracy-based element. Many activities are largely language-free so this does not become a barrier to children accessing tasks.


The website provides a selection of activities that are appropriate for children in Key Stage 1 in developing basic computing skills. They are required to navigate the mouse in order to select objects and manipulate these by single-clicking, dragging and dropping. This is useful in developing the finer motor skills and hand-eye coordination required when working onscreen. The activities could be used within the classroom or be worked on by children at home if so desired.

The resources may also be appropriate to children in Reception due to them being visually appealing and support their development of fine motor skills through the use of ICT.


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