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Playground Fun


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Playground Fun has a wide choice of games that children can play.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Playground Fun provides a bank of games that can be used in PE lessons or form part of playtime activities to get children active. These include catching, searching, ball and circle games as well as other types.

Rules for the Games

The rules for each game are clearly given and there is an album facility where pictures of the activity in action can be viewed. There are also videos of the games in actions so that teachers and children are able to see how it works in practice. Playground Fun also provides variants on a game or activity.


This is an excellent source of information for teachers looking to vary activities and the different ideas for games can help to support the National Curriculum programme of study for PE. For example, the ball games develop coordination skills and contest games provide simple opportunities to engage children in competitive, yet fun, activities.

It is worth exploring the range of activities on this website to support planning and delivery of PE.


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