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Planet Science


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Planet Science is a site that both teachers and students (of all ages) can use and it comes with science resources.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Planet Science provides a wealth of information aimed at pupils on Science, which is presented in a lively but informative way. This covers accidental discoveries, the natural world, human body, space as well as other topics. It is an excellent website for pupils to use when conducting research into different areas.

Practical Activities and Experiments

For teachers looking for engaging practical activities and experiments to promote an interest in this area of the curriculum, and see Science as relevant to their everyday lives, there is a wealth of suggestions. The website provides clear instructions, including the required resources. The experiments link to Biology, Chemistry and everyday contexts, for example the making of lip balm, or other products that are used daily from household chemicals.

Links to other Resources

Teachers will also find a section where links to other free teaching resources can be found for Science. Teachers looking for fun and exciting ideas that could be used in the classroom will find this website a very useful starting point.


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