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Planet Earth Centre provides a GCSE in Astronomy and comes with a free monthly sky map.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This free teaching resource from Planet Earth Education is a great visual aid for any science classroom. Each month the website issues a free downloadable sky map of the constellations visible in that particular month. The detailed map, that can be accessed on the site or downloaded and printed, shows each combination of stars that make up our solar system and star signs. The map can also be used if explaining some of the historic stories from past generations in history, and how ancient people used the stars as guidance.

'How to Use' and Awards

This resource on astronomy and astrology also includes a ‘how to use the sky map’ section, so that you can get the full rewards of the map if you wish to use it properly. The map can also serve as a fantastic teaching resource, to help teach students of the history and scientific elements that star gazing contains.

Information on Planets

The online resource also gives detailed information about each of the planets in the solar system for that month, where they are and how they act and react with the stars in our solar system. The website also offers dates for school shows and how they apply to different key stages, so you are sure to find something worthwhile on Planet Earth Education.


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