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A great Phonics site that covers phase 1 to phase 6 and provides lesson planning advise.

Learning and Teaching Resources

‘Letters and Sounds’ is a useful document outlining a programme that can be followed as a school’s preferred scheme for teaching systematic synthetic phonics in the Early Years Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 as well as into Year 3 where necessary. However, it can be difficult to navigate when considering short-term planning for phonics. This website can provide an excellent solution to this issue as well as ensuring progression in planning to ensure the sequential introduction of grapheme-phoneme correspondence is maintained.

Daily Planning

Teachers will find daily planning for phonics for Phase 2 through to Phase 5. Each set of planning follows the recommended ‘Revisit-Teach-Practise-Apply-Assess’ model found in the ‘Letters and Sounds’ document. There are suggested activities within the lesson plans to ensure a multi-sensory and interactive approach is taken to teaching phonics. Teachers will find that can save valuable planning time and progression in grapheme-phoneme correspondence is clearly indicated. A further benefit of the daily planning sheets is that they incorporate recommendations from ‘Letters and Sounds’ in terms of the pace for introducing graphemes and their sound. The plans also suggest sentences that can be used in the lesson for applying knowledge and skills rather than teachers having to create their own taking care not to include graphemes not yet taught. The plans also identify tricky words to be taught.

As well as daily planning for phonics, teachers will also find that the website provides access to interactive teaching resources for ‘Letters and Sounds’. These can be used as part of whole-class teaching, small group work or perhaps with individual children requiring further consolidation of material introduced as part of Wave 1 teaching.

With phonics playing an important part in national education policy, the planning and resources on this website will be a welcome source of support for schools and teachers following ‘Letters and Sounds’ as their preferred scheme.


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