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Penpals of the world


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To help students practice their MFLs they can enter this site and talk to people from all over the world.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Learning a language can contribute to young people developing a mutual understanding of one another, different ways of life and culture. Being able to communicate in another language is a skill that supports education, employment and leisure. At Key Stage 3, it is expected that pupils use linguistic skills and knowledge to understand and generate communications. They are encouraged to use familiar language for purposes and in different contexts. Pupils are also taught that there are different ways of seeing the world.

Connecting around the World

In supporting the above, this website offers the opportunity to connect with individuals in other countries via email to develop inter-cultural understanding and use knowledge of a language in order to interact with others. The website also offers lots of information on other countries in terms of geographical data as well as photographic sources.


Teachers will also find games on products and animals around the world, which are useful in developing awareness of diversity and differences.


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