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Teaching and Learning Ideas about Art, linked in with other subjects, for Primary Schools from Paul Carney Arts.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Paul Carney Arts is a website that has been developed by an Advanced Skills Teacher in Art and Design. This website shares teaching and learning ideas that can be used in primary schools. It covers a range of areas related to Art and Design ranging from the use of ICT in Art, Art History and Assessment.

A Guide to Teaching Art

The website offers an extensive guide to the teaching of Art in schools. This is designed to support professionals with limited experience in this area of the curriculum, such as NQTs, or offer more experienced teachers a refresher. It is a guide that Art Co-ordinators may find useful when looking at current provision and ways in which it can be developed. The guide aims to set out an approach to how to teach Art and how to devise a programme of study for use in the classroom. Principles for developing units of work are offered and covers areas such as developing children’s eye as an artist, the development of skills and encouraging creativity.

Tutorials and Lessons

This website features an area containing art lessons and tutorials that can be used. These cover three different areas: Drawing Lessons, Painting Lessons and Art Projects. These tutorials are easy to follow and cover a range of skills and techniques- perfect for brushing up on these before teaching them or drawing on the website as part of the teaching and learning activities in lessons.

Paul Carney Arts offers pages that provoke thinking about the role of ICT in the Art curriculum. There are examples of common uses of ICT and others forms that may inspire teachers.

There is an interesting section on Art History with a document that can be downloaded to support teaching about this aspect of the subject. This download provides a method of teaching children how to understand the language of Art.

Art Assessment Materials

There are many resources available to download to support the assessment of Art. These include posters that can be used as part of classroom displays. This section may be of great interest to Art Co-ordinators in KS1 and KS2.


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