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Patant Office offers different packs that can be used in Enterprise, Business Studies and Design & Technology for all ages.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Cracking Ideas is the website from the Intellectual Property Office, based around those masters of invention and innovation Wallace and Gromit.  It's a fun website with a serious message and a very good teachers section full of teaching ideas and resources.

Introducing Pupils to the World of Innovation and Creativity

The website contains a wealth of educational resources to introduce pupils to the world of innovation and creativity. All resources can be downloaded free and link to the National Curriculum.  Resources on offer include interactive activity packs, monthly challenges, a one-hour innovation pdf and an exciting competition, all designed to help young people nurture their own creativity and generate new ideas of their own. Students will learn the personal and economic value of intellectual property, as well as how to protect their innovations through the correct use of patents, trade marks, design and copyright.

Activity Packs

There are three activity packs for ages 4 - 7, 8 - 11 and 12 - 16. The Activity Packs, based around patents, trade marks, design and copyright, use real life examples to explain in a fun and interactive way how each area of intellectual property works and the protection they afford.

There is also a one hour innovation pack which includes a lesson plan designed to introduce children to the concept of innovation.


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