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Oxfam III


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Oxfam III provides a great ‘sustainable living board game’ that can be used in Citizenship classes in Primary School.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This resource supports the National Curriculum for Citizenship at Key Stage 1 where children learn to take and share responsibility. They also have opportunities to make real choices and consider simple environmental issues. This lesson plan introduces children to sustainable living, making it accessible by children being presented as how to live in a healthy way, respect others and consider the environment.

What Children Learn

Children consider how they can keep healthy in terms of diet and lifestyle. They consider how respect is shown to others and ways that the environment can be cared for. This provides a bank of ideas for them to make a board game where landing on positive choices result them moving further ahead whereas landing on negative choices see them moving backwards. This is a simple, yet effective way of children learning about how they can make a difference to their own lives, that of others and the environment.


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