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Oxfam II


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Oxfam II provides great activities and information on teaching children of all ages about diversity.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Oxfam provide teaching ideas and resources to help develop children’s cooperation and thinking about differences. This supports the National Curriculum for PSHE where children learn that they belong to different groups, listen to others and respect the similarities and differences between people.


Topics covered by the resources include similarities and differences, solving conflict and taking action. There are a wealth of ideas and approaches to teaching certain topics, which teachers will find useful to follow or draw upon.

Poster, Teacher Notes and More

There is a poster that can be downloaded to introduce the importance of valuing diversity within the classroom context. There are teacher notes and activities to promote cooperation and develop skills in resolving conflict. The ideas contained in the teacher notes can be adapted to fit into current schemes of work or inspire one being produced from scratch. There are activities that involve children in producing posters, ideas that can lead into a presentation within an assembly or give a performance for the school and local community.


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