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Oswego is a great site for helping teachers educate their Primary School students on how to tell the time on digital & analogue clocks.

Learning and Teaching Resources

As part of the National Curriculum for Maths at Key Stage 1, children are taught to read the time on analogue clocks to the hour and begin to recognise times to half of an hour. They also develop understanding of full turns and half turns. Children begin to look at marked intervals and use these to read simple scales. This resource supports work in these areas of position, movement and measures.

Online Clock

The online clock has the hour and minute hand identified in different colours to help children distinguish between them. Icons make it easy to adjust the time by an hour forwards or backwards as well as by half of an hour. It would be an ideal resource to use as part of whole-class teaching. However, it could also be useful in mental oral starters.

This resource is also handy as it allows teachers to easily adjust the time by different sized intervals.

The analogue clock can also be changed to a digital clock, which may prove useful for colleagues in Key Stage 2.


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