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Ordnance Survey provides many free geographical resources for KS2 students.

Learning and Teaching Resources

During Key Stage 2, children develop enquiry skills through the use of maps and plans at a range of scales. They use plan views as secondary sources of information to find out about places. Children also identify features of locations and their relationships to one another. Consequently, mapping skills are an important skill they need to develop. The resources from Ordnance Survey are useful in resourcing lessons to support children in doing so.

Activities, Games and Maps

There are activities that encourage children to develop early map work by creating their own symbols and using these to annotate sketched maps. The website offers online games to engage children in working with maps in the classroom or at home. Ordnance Survey also provide map symbol flashcards and sheets showing symbols and giving their meanings. These are excellent resources for helping children to learn how to understand the use of symbols and their meaning. It can also support them in producing their own maps using standard symbols to represent features.


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