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Nrich offers KS1 and KS2 Maths students problems, articles and games to read and solve.

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This website offers teachers problem-solving activities for use in the classroom. They are designed to stimulate mathematical discussion, and they offer children the opportunity to communicate their strategies and methods when working on a task.


Problem-solving activities also encourage them to think about how to represent their work on paper or through the use of apparatus. It also develops their awareness of the need to record their workings and adopt a suggested systematic approach where appropriate.

The website has problem-solving activities that relate to patterns created from counters and manipulating these in some way. Some incorporate aspects of number and the number system, for example finding different solutions.

The problem-solving activities state the challenge and teacher notes are provided with suggestions on how to approach the tasks with children. Some key questions are also given and support or extension work suggested. Using and applying skills, knowledge and understanding through problem-solving activities such as these can be an excellent assessment opportunity as well as engaging for the children.


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