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N Power is a really helpful site to use when teaching students about Electricity in Science classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

NPower provides a learning zone that can be used to help children learn about electricity. This includes how it is used and different ways of which it is. Children will also be able to learn about ways that energy is used in good ways or bad ways in the home. During the activities, children will also find many given tips for keeping safe when near or using electricity.

Virtual Classroom

Children can learn about the uses of electricity by exploring a virtual classroom. There is an activity where children can explore the homes of characters to see how they use electricity both safely and efficiently.

Group and Individual Learning

This resource could be used as part of whole-class teaching on an interactive whiteboard or children could use it individually or as a group. It supports the National Curriculum programme of study for Science in the Physical Processes strand where it is expected children learn about everyday appliances that use electricity.


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