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Computer Software for KS3 & 4 - Making it easy for teachers to keep track of their days, lessons, marks and more.

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MyClass Electronic Teacher Planners

MyClass offers a free download of a teacher planner, which enables teachers to plan, keep a mark book and maintain a diary electronically. This is a good resource to explore if you are looking for a school, department or for individual’s to manage documents electronically opposed to using vast amounts of paper! It is most likely that this resource would suit secondary teachers at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. However, primary school teachers may see some advantages and benefits.

Features of MyClass

The mark book facility in the application enables marks to be entered for pupils and automatic calculations are carried out to give information on the average mark and distribution of marks in a group. It has the ability to enable marks for different activities undertaken by pupils to be recorded and final grades are worked out for you. Furthermore, data and information about individual pupils can be stored and accessed. This information and data can be accessed and edited in different ways, such as by group, assessment and subject.

The electronic planner includes a teacher diary so that professional and personal events can be managed.

MyClass enables e-planners from previous years to be imported and data from Excel can be integrated. This offers a great opportunity for saving time. There is also the potential to create school reports with this software.

A Pupil Information System: Incidents Entry

This feature of the product enables incidents to be logged and this can cover a wide range of situations; for instance, behaviour and attitude. Teachers can log praise and sanctions as well as the issue and return of homework. There are also other possibilities afforded by this resource to support teaching and learning.

Secondary teachers may wish to try the features for themselves with the free trial that be accessed via this website. The software will run from USBs with 512MB of space available and laptops or PCs running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 will support use of the trial.


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