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MIO have a vast amount of music from multiple genres’ that can be used in KS4 Music classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Pupils studying Music at Key Stage 4 will be working towards a GCSE in the subject. They are expected to have a base of knowledge about musical traditions, styles and genres. This may include knowing about the technicalities of composition, associated dance, traditional pieces and how these can be innovated. As part of their knowledge base, pupils may consider Indian Music.

Genres, Key Facts and Tracks

This website provides a list of genres in Indian Music. It covers Classical Indian, Hindi and Urdu to name a few. A brief summary and key facts can be found for each as well as links to stream samples of tracks within the genre. The site is also good due to the fact that sub-genres within a genre of Indian Music can be accessed, for example those used in films or pop. Once again, samples can be streamed and listened to.

It will help develop pupils’ knowledge base and may provide them with sources by which their own composition and performance can be developed.


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