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A vast amount of MFL resources can be accessed through this site for Secondary School Learning.

Learning and Teaching Resources

MFL is a website that is host to a range of resources designed to support teaching and learning a range of languages. It covers French, Spanish, Italian and German in particular. There are worksheets, powerpoints, flash cards, posters, labels, examples, tests, games and discussion topics.

Worksheets and PowerPoints

A wide selection of worksheets are on offer covering many different topics. For instance, French activities related to opinions about school, holidays, the weather as well as other key areas of learning can be found. This is also true for the other languages featured on the website. Teachers will find a selection of PowerPoint resources that can be used to support the teaching and learning of MFL linked to different topics. A great feature of this website is that the resources are offered as Word and PowerPoint files that can be edited thereby making them adaptable to the needs of pupils. Furthermore, templates for making games for use in the MFL classroom are offered for teachers to use and adapt to create fun activities to engage pupils in language learning.

There are a selection of teaching resources related to GCSE French which may be of particular use to KS4 teachers.

Posters and Labels

The site also offers posters and labels that can be used as part of classroom display in addition to strategy posters and motivational stickers that can be downloaded to support teaching and learning.


For secondary teachers looking for KS3 and KS4 curriculum resources, such as level descriptors, the website offers examples of those used by teaching professionals at KS3 and KS4 in other schools. In the future, the website will feature how raw marks on GCSEs convert into grades awarded for different examination boards, such as AQA, OCR and Edexcel, year on year. 


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