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Mazeworks presents a interesting choice of puzzles and problem-solving games.

Learning and Teaching Resources

In the National Curriculum programme of study for Maths at Key Stage 3, pupils learn about historical and cultural roots of mathematics. They recognise that mathematics is used to represent a situation. The games and puzzles at ‘MazeWorks’ offer activities to encourage pupils to engage with problems and these can support the curricular requirements.

Tower of Hanoi Puzzle

There is a Tower of Hanoi puzzle, which is associated with Buddhist monks. There is information on the constraints that must be followed when solving the puzzle and an option to see it solved by the computer. There are games that were invented in the 1940s and examples from the nineteenth-century, which can be used to challenge pupils.

In and Out of the Classroom

This website could not only be useful in the classroom to engage pupils in problem-solving through games, but may be a website that teachers encourage pupils to visit outside of school so that mathematical puzzles can be seen as recreational as well as academic.


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