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Wrap up your Maths! Free Resources, Worksheets, Fun Stuff & More!

Learning and Teaching Resources

Home of the brilliant Maths Wrap! Maths Wrap is a simple, robust and easy to use aid to encourage children to learn times tables. The Deluxe version also includes fractions, decimals, addition and subtraction. Both versions are proving popular and recent studies demonstrated a significant improvement in pupils ability.

The site also contains:

  • a series of "how to" videos such as adding or multiplying fractions
  • BIG questions such as "who invented counting?"
  • featured articles including "5 tips to make maths fun"
  • a national survey and lots of other useful sections
  • FREE maths worksheets and cool stuff to do

Maths Wrap is also keen to include your articles, videos and comments. Please contact them with any ideas or suggestions.


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