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A great little Maths site that helps students to learn about Euclidean Algorithm.

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Mathematics has developed over time and this has arisen from it being a way of solving problems, but also due to people’s fascination with studying it for its own sake to examine how numbers work. Throughout history, many significant figures have contributed to our understanding of number. In secondary school, pupils encounter the work of Pythagoras, for instance.

Euclid the Mathematician and the Theory

Euclid was a prominent mathematician who taught at Alexandria in Egypt. This Greek mathematician worked on geometry and number theory. Number theory is concerned with the properties of numbers in general and integers. This mathematician is often credited with making significant contributions. Euclid arrived at a way of finding the highest common factor numbers have in common. This website allows numbers to be entered and the Eucilidean algorithm will be performed on them.

This resource may be useful when working with very able pupils who would benefit from encountering more challenging and abstract mathematical work and thinking.


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