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A wide range of algebra resources for KS3 students.

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As part of the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum maths programme of study, pupils learn about number and algebra. They learn that algebra involves generalised calculations.

Worksheets provides a selection of worksheets that can be downloaded and print for use in the classroom. There are worksheets that provide an introduction to basic algebra. These include those that involve the number operations of additional and subtraction as well as multiplication and division. There are also word problems involving the use of algebra. Teachers will also find links to generate their own algebra worksheets. These are useful in giving pupils the experience of using mathematics in different contexts or use more demanding mathematics in similar contexts, which forms part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum opportunities.

Resources also cover linear equations, simplification and sketching the line given from an equation.

Worksheets are also available on the order of operations, which support the programme of study at Key Stage 3 where pupils learn about rules of arithmetic and what takes precedence.


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