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M&S have some great resources for KS4 Design & Technology teachers to use.

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These resources are a very thorough and well-planned series of topics for Key Stage 4 and 5 teachers of design and technology. The lesson guides are very useful with the use of different learning objectives for varying governing bodies. The accompanying videos act as effective visual aids to go with the resources, and lesson plans are laid out in detail with activities and a clear overview is present for the teacher to refer back to.


There are multiple worksheets for the students to complete to go with the GCSE and AS/A Level resources, as well as key words for each specific topic covered. There are videos provided by Marks and Spencer which match with the worksheets, giving extra material for support and revision.


The plans cover a range of topics from sustainable fishing to making a cake and the science behind the Marks and Spencer’s own Simply Fuller Longer programme, with a large portion of resources to choose from. Also available with the resources for food and design technology are four case studies that explore the process of making different types of food and again, sustainability in food sources. These case studies can be used alongside the teacher lesson plans to deliver a jam-packed topic for your students!


There is even information on this website that offers participation in an e-seminar programme that Marks and Spencer have launched to encourage interactivity and discussion in the classroom. There are teacher guides for each topic so that teachers can pull the potential from the lesson and the pupils. Key words sheets are available for some topics and they are brilliant revision materials for both GCSEs and A-Levels.

This interesting range of resources is easy to follow and includes all the information a teacher needs to produce a diverse and fascinating topic. 


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