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Making the News is an amazing site that children can use to make and share their own news stories safely on the internet.

Learning and Teaching Resources

MTN offers the chance for children to create news to be published to a safe website, which can then be shared. This is a good opportunity to engage children in writing for a very real audience and developing their skills in exchanging and sharing information within the National Curriculum programme of study for ICT.

Group Work

It can encourage collaborative working in order to develop a story and there is the potential to use this as a tool to motivate children who show little interest in developing their writing skills. This could be useful in developing a greater commitment to improving writing skills through the use of ICT as a powerful motivator.


This resource can also encourage children to make positive contributions about issues that are of relevance and importance to them by presenting stories about things that affect them. It can give a child-centred dimension to teaching and learning. There is potential to create projects based on a theme or around a single event.


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