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For KS3 PSHE teachers, this site provides plenty of resources that they can use when dealing with the subject of smoking.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Operation Smoke Storm is a secret-agent role play, which is delivered by a web-based tool, and focused on developing pupils’ understanding and knowledge of the key issues surrounding smoking and the tobacco industry.

Innovative Teaching Tool

This is an innovative teaching tool as the sequence of lessons, three in total lasting around fifty minutes each, are structured via online short films and interactive games for groups of pupils meaning that the teacher facilitates learning rather than directing it explicitly themselves. The resource is an imaginative way to assist teachers in delivering education about smoking effectively. Through the use of online materials, smoking education becomes really engaging for pupils and can be part of a more comprehensive approach to teaching about the individual and social issues surrounding smoking.

Pupils as Secret Agents

Pupils adopt the role of secret agents who must expose the practices of the tobacco industry. The premise is that they infiltrate a fictional tobacco company and gather information about it in order to report back on the products and business practices found.

Operation Smoke Storm

Operation Smoke Storm has been designed with curriculum requirements for PSHE firmly in mind. It addresses the key concepts of healthy lifestyles and risk by engaging pupils in activities that promote using information to make responsible choices and to recognise risks in situations by considering how positive and negative pressures influence behaviour.  Operation Smoke Storm promotes the key processes of finding and using information from different sources and developing strategies for resisting negative influences. There are also opportunities for cross-curricular learning when using Operation Smoke Storm. It contributes to the range and content in Science where pupils consider the effects of drugs on physical health. The activities also encourage pupils to communicate clearly and coherently, make choices about effective ways to convey information and present a point of view successfully which supports English. 


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