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MFL site that helps students learn French through cartoon imagery and mini-movies.

Learning and Teaching Resources

‘Bonjour les amis!’ is a French language learning resource. It contains music and mini-movies to support children learning French in the classroom. The topics covered are school, playing a French version of ‘Simon Says’ to follow instructions, asking to borrow items and where things are. It can be useful for introducing children to certain topics or useful in consolidating and revisiting particular areas.

Listening and Speaking Activities

The resources are useful in supporting children’s oracy as they engage in listening and speaking activities related to materials on the website. Children will also be exposed to models and examples of how words, phrases and sentences are used to communicate in French. They are not only gaining knowledge about language, but the use of ICT can help them develop language learning strategies.

The use of songs, video clips, games and interactive activities are all recommended as ways of engaging children with a new language so this website is a resource that is ideal in supporting teachers in doing so.


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