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LCP has a book and CDs that help KS1 English pupils with phonics planning.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website provides example lesson plans for phonics linked to ‘Letters and Sounds’, which many schools adopted as their primary scheme for delivering a systematic synthetic phonics programme in the Early Years Foundation Stage, Y1 and Y2 following publication of the document.

Overview of Phase 1

There is an overview of Phase 1 phonics, which  Early Years Foundation Stage teachers and practitioners may find useful in planning for provision. It covers Aspect 1 to Aspect 6 and outlines the main purposes of each aspect. The summary of objectives in the sample materials could be a useful phonics planning tool.

Phase 3 Plans

The Phase 3 planning outlines the objectives and success criteria for a week of teaching. The phonics planning format exemplifies the ‘Revisit-Teach-Practice-Apply-Assess’ model found in the ‘Letters and Sounds’ document. There are also useful assessment criteria included to guide assessment for learning and support adaptation to a teaching sequence to meet children’s needs. The Phase 5 planning example also follows the recommended structure of a phonics lesson and how a week of planning may be approached.

Examining Current Planning Formats

Schools and teachers may find this a useful resource for examining current planning formats for phonics and considering how they may wish to develop their own system for planning and considering formative assessment in phonics. With ‘Letters and Sounds’ effectively being a recommended way of sequentially introducing phonic knowledge and skills, the sample plans help to translate this into detailed planning.

With educational policy emphasising the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics to support development of early reading, this website may prove useful in guiding planning and practice. 


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