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Create Powerful and Professional Content with Jux at KS3 and KS4

Learning and Teaching Resource

Jux offers secondary school teachers an opportunity to create slideshows and online posts. It is an excellent tool for showcasing content and could be used by KS3 and KS4 teachers to create resources for use in lessons via an interactive whiteboard to support teaching and learning in the classroom. Equally, it may provide an excellent tool for pupils to create their own content linked to various aspects of the curriculum.

Posts on Jux involve different genres, sizes and colours. These choices can be used to create dramatic and varied posts. Images, text and film can all be combined to create content. Slideshows can be produced and quotes laid over images. The tools on Jux create professional-looking content. It is possible to view examples of what exactly can be achieved through using this website and these may offer inspiration for how this website can support teaching and learning activities.

Encouraging Creativity in Selecting, Presenting and Sharing Content

This website allows original and varied content to be created and the page is filled edge-to-edge so that pictures and words are distraction free and all the more stunning. This particular feature of Jux makes it different to other websites that can be used to create content. Jux is an ideal tool for developing creativity and expressing ideas.

It is worth exploring the potential offered by this website and how it can be used across different areas of the curriculum to either support teaching or a means of pupils presenting their learning to a wider audience.

With the popularity of social media and ways in which content is created and presented, this website offers a different perspective and approach that is of particular interest to those who value incorporating ICT into their lessons or developing this as a discrete aspect of the secondary curriculum. 


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