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Handwriting Help for Kids


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Workbooks, worksheets and help for KS1 children developing their handwriting skills.

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This website outlines the basic skills required in handwriting and ways in which activities can be devised to support children’s development in this area. Teachers in Key Stage 1 will find this useful as well as those working in the Early Years Foundation Stage. There are also oppertunities for teachers to send in their own ideas for pupils learning skills in handwriting.

Skills and Devlopment 

It outlines the importance of visual motor skills and the ability to copy shapes, letters and numbers. There are letter stories provided that can be used to support this. The website examines the importance of visual perception. This involves being able to discriminate between letters that share common features and could therefore be easily confused, such as ‘b’, ‘d’, ‘p’ and ‘q’. Practical teaching ideas are suggested to help teachers develop children’s visual perception, which could be used during guided work in the classroom or form the basis of activities in the context of an intervention. 

Fine motor skills must be developed in order to support handwriting and teachers will find suggestions for tasks or activities that can be used to support this. For example, stringing beads, completing lacing cards or playing with resistive putty.

The website also draws attention to developing trunk control and shoulder stability, which support developing handwriting skills. It offers some simple suggestions for how this can be addressed in the classroom.

Stuff for Teachers 

Teachers may find the letter stories used to support children in developing correct letter formation as well as some of the skills outlined above. They demonstrate how a worksheet could be put together to gradually approach the removal of support given by an adult and within the design of the task also.

The website is a valuable source of information for teachers who wish to develop their professional knowledge about handwriting and the various skills that contribute to development in this area. 


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