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Google Earth is a brilliant tool for Geography classes as it can take you anywhere from Europe to Indonesia, from North America to Asia.

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Bringing Geography to life in the classroom is easy with Google Earth. It enables you to show children the Earth, select locations and then travel to those places. This is a great resource for beginning to develop children’s understanding of different where different places or countries are as well as whether places are close or far away from one one another.

Fly Anywhere on Earth

With the latest version of Google Earth, children can be flown to anywhere on Earth, view maps and three-dimensional buildings. There is even the possibility to explore outer space! This is certain to being awe and wonder into the classroom! Furthermore, the oceans can be toured as well as viewing the local area or other places in the past.
Through using engaging ICT tools, such as Google Earth, children will hopefully take an interest in the world around them and be eager to explore it virtually using this resource! 


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